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This has been a busy year and for the first time in my academic career I had to turn to an online professional essay writing service for a really boring assignment on Econometrics, even though I tried I could not bring myself to move past the basic research, and since I have a job and I need to finish this class I decided to give it a go.

A friend recommended Urgentessaywriting.com company and after logging in it seem that ordering an essay was a pretty simple job. Basically, you type in the site and there is a small window in which you can choose the assignment you need, like:

  • Essays
  • Book reports
  • Annotated bibliography
  • Lab report
  • Thesis
  • Others

After that you need to choose the timeframe, I personally liked that you can order the essay to be ready as fast as 6 hours, they have several timeframes, starting at two weeks.

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Prices Review

The prices range from the level of study, High school or College (you need to specify in which year of college you are) and they go as low as $12.99 to $35.99 per page for high school and from $21.99 to $46.99 per page on a Masters Level. Once you pick you level and timeframe they gave me a budget, for me it was a 6-page essay with 3 days in advance and the total came up to $174, which to be honest is a little bit expensive for an essay if the job is not 100% perfect. Which I will tell you about later. Good that they offer 15% off the first order.

Completing the Payment

When I decided to continue, I was sent to another page, I hate it when sites do that, to fill another form, which included the questions previously answered, I have to say that they do have a very thorough form in which you have to detail the paper’s specifications, they also ask you about Academic Styles and formatting. As well as the number of sources. One thing I found interesting is that they accept 5 different types of currencies (USD, GBP, EUR, CAD, AUD) and you get to specify if you want an American or a British writer, although the latter is 10% more expensive for no apparent reason, since I ordered mine from a UK writer and he did not sound any different than an American one.

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Another thing that bothered me and got me complaining to their customer service, which also sucks, is that I had requested for 12 different sources as per assigned by my professor, and even though the bibliography had 12 different sources listed there were only 9 of them cited within the text. Furthermore, there were several paragraphs in which only one author was cited, which on high Academic standards is frowned upon.

Customer Support Review

Now down to my last issue, which is kind of an issue I have with a lot of sites is that their chat option for customer service is not a chat at all, instead is an email form that they endeavor to answer right away, in my case they did within an hour for the first two emails, but after that they took almost 8 hours to answer, coincidentally when I wasn’t asking questions about the site but from when I was complaining.

Urgentessaywriting review


I have to say I got my paper on time, which I was very grateful about since I only had 12 hours to go over it before I had to turn it in. Now it was not terrible work, but It was not an A level paper, it was at most a B-, and indeed after I revised it and improved it quite a bit I managed to get up to a B+. The reason for this were primarily the sources and the language, even though there wasn’t any direct plagiarism the paraphrasing was very similar to the original texts they were using, one thing I had trouble with is that they did not use opposing sources and the dates on the sources used were from very far back.
Overall I don’t think Urgentessaywriting.com is a bad service, I just think is not meant to help overachieving people who despite wanting to have an excellent grade, don’t have the time to put all the work necessary to an outstanding paper. I think this is more of a service for people who want to pass without putting in any effort.