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There are situations when you have an essay that you’ve got to do no matter what. Even when writing it yourself is simply not possible. This could be for various reasons why it’s not possible such as lack of time, a short deadline, or a topic you have a weak grasp on. is a website that offers to write custom academic materials for their clients. They specialize in having writers prepare academic materials like essays, reports, reviews and various other assignments. Sounds promising, right? Get someone else who is more qualified than you to write your paper, essay, or college assignment. I’ve had a look on their website, and this was what I found out.

MyPaperWriter Reviews

First Impression

When I first loaded up, I found out that it was a little hard to find out where to start. I quickly opened up the chat window to ask a few questions instead. I knew that they would write my paper, but that’s about it. I read their pricing guide so I would know how much each order would cost me, but I wasn’t sure if word count was considered for every assignment type.

I also checked their “about us” page and reviews, but it was only filled with gleaming reviews about how each essay was done perfectly, and I knew this could not be true. So, I decided to check them out myself (I’ll speak more about this later).

What Others Were Saying

Other reviews by clients claim various things about the website, such as:

  • The writer did not finish my order on time.
  • The writer did not read my instructions.
  • I ordered an academic paper, and it was below my desired quality.
  • I was not satisfied with my order and wasn’t offered any discount or promo code.

Along with bad reviews, there were good ones as well:

  • I’ve placed multiple orders and had them done in half the required time.
  • My assignment was completed by the writer with excellent quality.
  • My college paper I ordered looks like it was done by a top notch college student.
  • The delivery was spot on.

MyPaperWriter Reliable

Who Is In Charge of Writing?

This online service claims to only hire professional writers of almost any skill level, with most of them having been to college and being at Master’s level. They are supposed to be mostly American and proficient in English.

The process to sign up immediately requires your email and phone number. After this, you are directed to a page where you will decide what type of service you need to write your assignment.

The college level writer can begin work with a deadline as short as three hours. However, you may be connected with a writer with less experience and without proper college education.

My Experience

As a whole, this website was not that impressive. They may have good reviews and bad reviews, but like to draw conclusions from personal experience. As stated, I got on their website and started up chat, for research. I asked about various assignment types they can provide. The best part about this website was customer service. All I had to do was click the chat box, and I got an immediate response.

The lady I talked with was quick to respond with brief and informative responses. If it weren’t for her, I would not know much about the custom orders or the discounts for returning clients. She treated me like I was already one of her clients.

I asked about my academic assignments – I needed two essays on “Production Management” and “Speech Critique.” I was told it wouldn’t be a problem; my paper will be tailored to my needs.

However, aside from the customer support, the quality of the resulting order was sub-par, and the price was not ideal.

MyPaperWriter LegitPrices

Their price depends on your deadline, college level, and type of assignment. For an academic paper, such as a college essay, the price ranges from about $18 to $48 per paper. The essays I wanted done cost me $35 each with a 24-hour deadline. Not that affordable, I felt, but time was of the essence.

The writing was done by an obvious college student. Some irregularities here and there, disjointed pacing and overall lackluster use of language. In short, everything was rather vanilla. Editing left a lot to be desired as well.

Surely, is a site that probably satisfied many clients with their unique writing, but I’m not one of them.

If they had better discounts and more creative writers, I would consider returning. But until then, I’ll stick with other options.