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The need for essay writing services emerges from the lack of time college students face in their everyday life. When you take 6-7 courses at a time you need to meet lots of deadlines and deliver tons of homework that can sometimes be difficult. That’s why students hire online writers to complete their academic, research, term and college papers on time, requesting an excellent quality and reliability in return. Taking that into account, this article focuses on one of the best Australian essay writing systems there is in the market right now: Students in Australia are taking advantage of this writing service and are buying papers online, therefore giving the site a lot of rating.

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Overview’s site looks reliable at first; its system is user-friendly. If it’s your first time, you need to create an account. The next step is to enter your e-mail, and the server creates an account, which you can later edit. Then you click on hire a writer, and the process starts. Once you pick what kind of paper you need, whether it’s a research essay or a business plan, among so many other homework options. The next step is to set your topic, deadline, and in some cases, citation style. However, there are other specifications it might demand from you; last but not least, you put your proposal on the site, and the freelancers start bidding on your project(s) until you pick one to do it.


There is a broad list of assignments you can choose from in, including:

  • Admission Essay
  • Research Essay
  • Math Problem
  • Reviews
  • Academic Research, and
  • Scholarship Essay

Customer Service

Chatting with customer support in was only reaffirming the initial idea: the site is reliable. EduBirdie offers a 24-hour customer service system that is really easy to use. The service I received was excellent, the woman that helped me was really nice, and she explained all the steps I needed to follow in order to hire someone for my academic essay, and also clarified doubts I had, as well as gave me useful tips to navigate the site. legit


The pricing in is smart; the reason why is that you set your proposal and you pick the person that best suits the budget you have decided to spend, so really the price is user-friendly and 100% up to you; they manage reasonable prices. You can also give out your budget is in your paper instructions and avoid having lots of freelancers bidding with higher prices than you need. Just make sure you write the amount in letters instead of numbers.

About the Writers

The writers in are advanced and well-experienced in different fields; they deliver high-quality papers, plagiarism free and on time. These people aren’t just professional academic writers, but also freelancers from all over Australia that can write about anything. You get to see their profiles, a number of assignments they’ve previously done on the site, and their rating, which can be easily manipulated since you can create an alternate account and rate others; if you have lots of free time, it should be easy to rate yourself excellently. writers


Justyn L., an Australian student, says about ”Wow!!! EduBirdie’s writing was sophisticated. The essay writing service followed my instructions keenly and delivered high-quality paper beyond my expectations. I will definitely use it again. Thank you!!”.

To conclude, I’d like to reassure once again that is amazing!. The academic essay I requested was delivered as instructed. I was able to talk with my freelancer throughout the process, thanks to the system they utilize, which was great. He delivered the paper at the appointed time, was hard working, did a thorough research on my topic, and the paper was definitely worth presenting to my teacher. This web page is life-saving! I’m most certainly using EduBirdie’s system’s service again!